Egg Handling Process

The below video describes the process by which our eggs are washed and handled

John Suscovich and Dr. Michael Darre: How To Clean Chicken Eggs

Egg Handling Policy

We strive to produce eggs that are pristine and clean

Nature and the environment, as well as the chickens themselves often have other plans

There is a chance that your eggs may come in contact with manure, dirt, grass, or any other outdoor item

Washed eggs are available for the same price

Once eggs are washed, they must be refrigerated

Our eggs are washed using clean implements and a very basic egg-specific sanitizer or a very mild sanitary wipe. Both are unscented and hypoallergenic.

If at any time you find your eggs to be unappetizing or unsatisfactory please contact us immediately and we will refund or replace them as best as we can

Resources for Egg Handling and Washing

University of Wisconsin Madison Science: Most of the world does not refrigerate their eggs. So why does the US?

Reader’s Digest: Why You Should Never Wash Fresh Eggs Before Cooking Them